To Our Colleagues in Washington DC

To our colleagues in Washington DC:

As more images appear in the public eye of the January 6 assault and breach of our nation’s Capitol and office buildings, it is difficult to describe all the emotions felt by so many.

Throughout the years you, in your role as congressional staffers, have always kept an open door and welcomed STA into your offices. Countless STA members have felt the awe and patriotic inspiration that so naturally comes when walking the halls of congress. It is through those experiences that we developed a strong attachment to the sacred ground on which our nation’s democracy stands and respect for you, as individuals so dedicated in your service to our industry and the entire nation.

While we cannot claim to truly understand the depth of emotions you are experiencing right now, please know that we do feel an enormous sense of sadness in seeing that sacred ground desecrated by a mob of our citizens and the harm it has directly caused you. Please also know that, while it was you who bore the direct brunt of this heinous act, you are not alone. We view this as an attack on all of us and thus, take it upon ourselves to share the burden of moving our industry and nation forward.

We wish you grace and strength in coping with the challenges you face today and those you will undoubtedly face tomorrow. Never forget that there are those who appreciate and respect the work that you do and have great confidence that you will persevere in the most trying days.

With warmest regards,