STA Announces Brave Gowns As 2024 Charity of Choice

On behalf of the entire STA community and in conjunction with our 91st Annual Market Structure Conference, we are pleased to announce Brave Gowns as our 2024 Charity of Choice. Based in Santa Monica, California and founded in 2012, Brave Gowns provides vibrant, customized hospital gowns to children undergoing medical treatment to lift their spirits during an unimaginably difficult journey.

Founder Summer Germann was inspired to start Brave Gowns when her younger brother Mac was undergoing treatment in the hospital. After painting his face on Halloween to bring a smile to Mac’s face, Summer decided to take things one step further, and kickstart the process to design customized hospital gowns for children.

Today, Brave Gowns has provided more than 400,000 hospital gowns for children all over the globe, with 380 hospitals across seven countries utilizing their designs. In addition to their unique gowns, Brave Gowns’ fundraising campaigns have also assisted families with costs associated with travel, food, treatment, and more.

STA is proud to work with Brave Gowns to help further its mission. “As a grassroots organization, we understand the importance of serving the greater community,” said STA President & CEO Jim Toes. “Brave Gowns’ efforts in working directly with doctors, nurses and hospitals to design these customized gowns are inspiring. They are making a difference, one child at a time.”

“At Brave Gowns, our goal is to empower children going through medical treatment to be ‘superheroes’ or ‘rockstars’ while providing maximum comfort and privacy. We are thrilled to have STA help spread awareness and provide even more support for children and families in need,” said Brave Gowns Founder Summer Germann.

We look forward to welcoming Summer and her colleagues at our Market Structure Conference this September at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida.

If you would like to learn more about Brave Gowns or would like to make a donation, click here.