Hope and Time

My oldest daughters are two-years apart and sometime around them being in kindergarten I made a rookie-Dad mistake. While attempting to do work in the backyard, I sat the younger one in a Cozy Car with a cold slice of pizza placed on her palms faced up. I then handed the older one a hose to water Mom’s flowers. Feeling proud of my ability to keep them preoccupied, I turned my back and continued to dig a stump out of the ground. It didn’t take long before I heard the cries of daughter #2 who was now mysteriously soaking wet, her palms still pointed up, but absent the pizza which was now 6 feet across the driveway. Daughter #1, was slightly concerned about the repercussions of her actions, but more satisfied with her newly acquired deft skill in handling a hose set on full-stream.

This event occurred almost 20 years ago and when told today brings laughter to all those involved, even the rookie Dad. Time has a way of doing that. Emotions felt at the moment of an event sometimes elicit different feelings when viewed years later. As human beings, we are always in a state of evolution that includes new experiences which effect our perspectives and realities.

Today, our nation is experiencing fear and anger. Fear, of a faceless threat in the form of a disease and justified anger in unresolved solutions to long existing racial issues. But, among these emotions of fear and anger, are strong indications of hope. Each day we come closer to a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 that will provide the path forward to a new normal. Each day also brings renewed awareness and a larger universe of people willing to act and engage on racial issues. These realities of science and social engagement foster bona fide hope

This is not the first time our nation has been challenged by fear and anger, nor will it be the last. However, so long as the combination of hope and time exist, then we should feel confident that solutions for today’s complex and long existing problems will be found and that there will be a better future for all.

On behalf of the STA Board, its Affiliates and Memberswe wish all fathers, parents and childrena happy and peaceful Father’s Day.