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Wrapping Up 2022

It’s December 21 and we are officially in holiday mode. If you ask the big box stores, the season kicked off sometime around Labor Day, when we had our first sightings of tinsel, ribbon and all things red and green. But with Hanukkah starting this past weekend and Christmas on Sunday, we will soon be…  Read more

SEC Auctions: Benefit or Risk?

by Jim Toes President and CEO, STA This Wednesday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission will propose a series of highly anticipated rules and rule amendments that have the potential to fundamentally reshape the structure of the US equity markets. While the US equity markets are operating efficiently and remain the most liquid in the world, they…  Read more

STA’s Continued Effort to #PutHerOnThePanel

by Jim Toes President & CEO, STA It’s no secret that the financial services industry has historically been male-dominated. In response to this, STA has made a concerted effort over the years to increase the diversity and inclusion not only in its board and membership, but also in terms of the individuals that we invite…  Read more

Expressing Gratitude

For those of us in the U.S., on Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving. This is traditionally a day spent in the company of family and friends giving thanks and expressing sincere appreciation for the support and love we provide each other. Yes, Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to be with those closest to us, but…  Read more

Conference Photos

Check out our photo album documenting STA’s 89th Annual Market Structure Conference! See here. A Friday to Remember: 89th Annual Market Structure Conference Shines a Light on STA’s Mission by Jim Toes President & CEO, STA We’re proud to say that STA’s 89th Annual Market Structure Conference is in the books. On behalf of our…  Read more