Chris Halverson


Affiliate: Dallas

Chris Halverson has 22 years of experience in financial services. In 1999, he began working for Capital Institutional Services, Inc. (CAPIS), a Dallas-based institutional broker/dealer. Prior to that, Mr. Halverson was a commodities trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, advising institutional accounts on hedging in the futures markets. He joined the DSTA Board in 2008, serving as President in 2014. As a Senior Vice President, he covers a wide variety of firms, including investment managers, banks, pension funds and consultants.

Mr. Halverson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He married his wife, Julie, in 2007, and has two daughters, Lauren and Caroline.  Away from work, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, snowboarding, golf and tennis.

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