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    5 Reasons to Sponsor STA in 2023

    In 2022, a record 108 organizations sponsored STA because they view us as a unique and cost-effective resource. Our work to educate and advocate for the financial services industry has helped us to build a sizeable platform, with hundreds of industry professionals attending our in-person conference each year and thousands more on our email list.…  Read more

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  • 2023 Summer Interns: Remember to Celebrate the Little Things

    This STA article is dedicated to financial services interns in the United States and Canada, many of whom are starting their internships this week. Please forward to those interns working among us this summer! Welcome to the Intern Class of 2023! Now that summer has begun, interns across all areas of our industry are entering the…  Read more

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  • May 2023 Newsletter: How STA’s New ETF Advisory Committee Furthers Our Heritage of Education and Advocacy

    At our national conference in Washington DC, as well as affiliate gatherings across North America, live events are a big part of STA. But these events just scratch the surface. Day-to-day, our work to educate our members on pressing regulatory developments and promote their interests before policymakers represents the core of our mission – and…  Read more

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