Category: Trading Views Podcast

Episode 9 of STA Trading Views: An Exchange with a View, features Ronan Ryan, President and Co-Founder IEX Group and John Ramsay, Chief Market Policy Officer. Our conversation includes the ability for exchanges to compete in today’s regime; what a Gary Gensler Chairmanship means for the SEC’s priorities and the backstory on IEX’s popular podcast, Boxes + Lines. To listen to this episode and more, check out the link below!

Episode 8 of STA Trading Views features a slightly different format: Bryan Christian, Head of Institutional Services at Old Mission, interviews Samara Cohen, Co-Head of ETF Markets and Investments in BlackRock. Their conversation includes discussion of Samara’s history at BlackRock, the growth of ETFs and fixed income and the distinct roles that issuers, exchanges and market makers play in this space.

In Episode 7, we speak with former SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar, Executive Director of the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets. Our conversation starts with the mission statement of the Milken Institute and Dr. Piwowar’s role. We then turn our attention to GameStop and the recent market volatility, insights into the SEC’s response, market infrastructure, T+2 settlement and finally, Super Bowl LV.

In Episode 6, we speak with Kevin SampsonPresident, Equity Trading, TMX Group. Our conversation touches on a range of topics from throughout 2020, including the resilience of the markets during peak volatility: the surge in activity from retail investors and how that dynamic is playing out in Canada; the potential consequences of the recent U.S. elections on Canadian financial markets and ESG.

In his role, Mr. Sampson leads the trading businesses of TMX and has also served on several committees to help foster constructive dialogue regarding market structure and policy issues in Canada.