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In our Episode 19 of Trading Views, we sat down with Rep. Bill Huizenga (MI) during our Washington DC Spring Update to discuss SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

Rep. Huizenga represents Michigan’s 4th District and serves as Chairman of the HFSC Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigation. In our conversation, we touch on a number of financial issues including equity market structure, crypto regulation, and ESG. In addition, Rep. Huizenga shares his thoughts on SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s ambitious regulatory agenda.

In our latest episode of Trading Views, we invited Bob Pisani, CNBC Senior Markets Correspondent, to discuss his latest book titled Shut Up and Keep Talking: Lessons on Life and Investing from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Early in the calendar year STA recognizes a charity and then in a spirit of partnership, we help promote their cause and provide financial support. On episode 17, we talk about STA’s 2022 Charity of ChoiceCatch a Lift Fund, “CAL” with its President and Founder, Lynn Coffland, Catch a Lift Fund enables post 9/11 combat injured veterans all over the U.S. to recover and rehabilitate both physically and mentally through physical fitness, motivation and support.

For many STA members, our view or interest in the markets tends to be limited to a particular sector or region in the world. In episode #16, we take a more global approach in our conversation with Derek Sammann, Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Commodities, Options & International Markets at CME Group. As an executive of the leading global derivatives exchange, Derek describes some of the products and services that businesses around the world are seeking in order to effectively manage risk and achieve growth in a volatile global market. Our interview covers: areas of global growth, the options landscape; environmental portfolio products and retail participation in what historically has been primarily and institutional market.

On March 30, STA hosted its annual Washington DC Spring Update that featured various congressional members and business leaders. Among the conversations was with Rep. Ann Wagner who represents the 2nd Congressional District in Missouri. Congresswoman Wagner currently serves as Vice Ranking Member on the House Financial Services Committee, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Subcommittee on Diversity & Inclusion.
Our conversation covers a wide range issues including the power of choice and the protection it provides investors, state of exchanges, D&I in financial services and Ukraine.

Episode 14 of STA Trading Views features an interview with Joe Schifano, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at Eventus.

Our discussion touches on several topics in the fast-growing world of digital asset regulation, including the December House and Senate hearings on the asset class, the unique nature of digital asset surveillance and more.

Episode 13 of STA Trading Views features an interview with SEC Commissioner Caroline A. Crenshaw. Our discussion focuses mainly on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and the SEC’s “all agency approach” on this topic as investor demand for climate and other ESG information soars.

We also discuss Commissioner Crenshaw’s experience as a captain in the United States Army Reserve Judge Advocate General’s Corp, or JAG Corp, and hear her thoughts on the recent GameStop market events. 

For the latest episode of STA Trading Views, STA President and CEO Jim Toes sat down with SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw to discuss her thoughts and interests on ESG and related risks, as well as steps the SEC is taking to protect and inform investors as demand for ESG information continues to increase.

In advance of the forthcoming SEC report on January’s GameStop debacle, Commissioner Crenshaw, while unable to discuss the specifics of the report at this time, noted her key takeaways. Additionally, She also pointed to the big-picture questions she believes should be asked in the wake of GameStop, including how retail trading applications fit into the existing regulatory framework.

Episode 12 of STA Trading Views features an interview with Cheryl Nash, CEO of Financial Supermarkets. Our conversation includes discussion on achieving financial wellness, and how the success of new investing apps is an indication of a strong demand for new technology in the wealth advisory space. We also cover a topic that is passionate to Cheryl, which is the value-add of diversity and inclusion in the wealth management space and the opportunities for diversity candidates.

Episode 11 of STA Trading Views features an interview with Bryan Harkins, President at BIDS Trading, and Mehmet Kinak, Global Head of Systematic Trading and Market Structure at T. Rowe Price. Our conversation includes discussion of the state of the exchange and ETF landscape, the buy vs. build quandary and Cboe’s recent acquisition of BIDS Trading.
Bryan Harkins is President of BIDS Trading L.P., where he oversees the operation and strategic direction of BIDS Trading and is leading the business in its expansion into new asset classes and geographies. Mehmet Kinak is a vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc, where his primary focus is electronic and program trading, market structure analysis, and transaction cost analysis.