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Find Your Cause: After Two Difficult Years, The Holidays Present an Ideal Opportunity to Give Back

By Jim Toes, STA Amid a pandemic that has continued to present obstacles and affect our families, friends and neighbors, the holiday season is still a joyous time for many of us. We may have had to adapt some of our cherished traditions, but we can still be grateful for the support of loved ones,…  Read more

To the Intern Class of 2021!

by Jim Toes This STA article is dedicated to the many financial services interns in the United States and Canada. Please forward to those interns working among us this summer.   Congratulations to the Intern Class of 2021! It’s June, and that means that many college students have started a summer internship program. For those interns in the financial services…  Read more

The Desire to Achieve Success

I’ve never met anyone in our industry who wanted an average career with just some success. From elementary school and all the way up to their careers on Wall Street, individuals in our industry are overachievers with a desire for success. They also know that a key ingredient in achieving success is productivity. The more…  Read more

Addressing Inequality: What Will You Do?

by Ray Pellecchia, FINRA Even amid the optimism that a new year can bring, problems caused by social and economic inequality will continue to exist with solutions that are unclear and can seem insurmountable. But if you look at them through the lens of our business, it is clear not only that we can make a significant difference,…  Read more

Be Like Mike

For anyone who has spent time on an equity trading floor, you know that the relationship between traders and sales-traders is complicated and filled with friction caused by conflicting interests. While traders and sales-traders equally bear responsibility for managing the firm’s capital and client relationships, the former is concerned about their individual P&L and the…  Read more