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The Influence of Jake Bugg

The Influence of Jake Bugg This past Friday evening 19 year old musician, Jake Bugg played before a sold out crowd at Terminal 6 in New York City. Jake Bugg (born Jake Edwin Kennedy) is an English musician, singer and song writer. This talented performer who credits such music legends as Don McLean, Neil Young,…  Read more

“Mentors and Mentees…you can’t have one without the other”

A Tribute to Jackson “Jack” Bayer We never forget that person who gave us our start in this business. The person who took a chance and hired us despite the fact that we had no experience. It doesn’t matter whether that person was a family member, a neighbor, a friend or, as in my case,…  Read more

Advice to Candidates: “Buy hope; Sell fear.”

by Jim Toes Republicans are close to nominating their candidate to run for our nation’s highest office.  This candidate, along with President Obama and the hundreds of congressional leaders seeking election, will then embark on a record spending spree delivering campaign messages they feel will gain them public office. If history is a guide, these…  Read more

To STA Annual Participants & Friends

I am writing on behalf of the Officers and Governors of STA as well as personally to express our deep appreciation for your support of, and participation in our 77th Annual Conference and Business Meeting. It is because of you that we are can hold the membership-wide meetings, both our Congressional Conference and our Annual,…  Read more