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2016 Big Heart Award Recipient

Dallas STA The Dallas STA, DSTA, was extremely active in 2016 with multiple charities. DSTA provided and served dinner to patients at the Ronald McDonald House. DSTA once again raised money for Kenna’s Kids, an organization in North Texas that reaches out to individual families with children experiencing life’s medical challenges at a young age. DSTA…  Read more

2017 Big Heart Award Recipient

STA Chicago STA Chicago, STAC, has always taken its commitment to community service very seriously. It’s a major part of its mission. Recognized in 2014 with STA’s Big Heart Award, STAC continued to focus on both charitable giving and community service. In 2017, STAC created an environment fostering a sense of service not only within…  Read more

2018 Big Heart Award Recipient

San Francisco STA San Francisco STA continues to diversify their charitable efforts and carefully evaluates each charity to include the following criteria: The impact the organization being considered will have on their community of equity traders. The impact the organization will have on local communities. The level of direct volunteer participation. The significance the charitable…  Read more

2019 Dictum Meum Pactum Award Recipient

STA’s 2019 Dictum Meum Pactum Award Recipient is Ms. Peggy Bowie. She is also the President of the Canadian Security Traders Association. The CSTA was formed in 2000 to serve as a national voice for affiliate trading organizations in Canada. Comprised of over 850 equity traders nationwide, the CSTA is led by Governors from each…  Read more

2018 Dictum Meum Pactum Award Recipient

STA is pleased to announce Kevin Parks as the 2018 Dictum Meum Pactum Award recipient. Over the course of his decade in the financial services industry, Mr. Parks’ tremendous advocacy for children impacted by tragedy has exemplified the ideals the DMP award seeks to recognize. In 2010, while employed at a NY-based hedge fund, Mr.…  Read more