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New York FTT: Express Your Opposition

As states across the nation face 2021 budget gaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic, legislation had been introduced in the New York State Senate that would amend its state’s tax laws to include a tax on financial transactions. Senate Bill S3980 is the most extensive and complex bill of its kind, as measured by the…  Read more

New Jersey’s FTT: Express Your Opposition

As states across the nation face 2021 budget gaps due to the COVID 19 pandemic, New Jersey is pursuing a financial transaction tax (FTT) on trades done at “high quantity” processors in their state. While the details of a final bill have yet to unfold, Governor Murphy and New Jersey legislators are espousing attributes we…  Read more

The SEC's Meeting on Market Data

Tomorrow, Jan. 8, the Securities and Exchange Commission will consider whether to issue for public comment a proposed order that “would require the SROs to propose a single, new NMS plan that would increase transparency and address inefficiencies, conflicts of interest and other issues presented by the current governance structure of the three NMS plans that govern…  Read more

Killing Our Frankensteins

More than two centuries ago, the gothic novel, Frankenstein, also known as The Modern Prometheus, was anonymously published in Britain. A few years later in 1823, readers would discover that the gifted author was Mary Shelley, who at the age of 18 began writing the novel in a competition among peers about who could write…  Read more

Measuring Regulatory Influence

Firms in the financial services industry spend an enormous amount of energy measuring progress towards intended goals. At times, this intense fixation on metrics can seem counterproductive, but maintaining these disciplines proves to be beneficial in avoiding failure and achieving a successful outcome. The ability to measure progress and success as it pertains to regulation…  Read more