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Women in Finance: Newsletter #7

STA WIF on family leave and other news highlights from January. Read full newsletter >

WIF Newsletter: Girl Heroes: The movement continues..

Great change occurs with sustained effort over a long period of time. Over the past decades, the “girl power” movement is well documented, even if it is not centralized. Recently the shift is subtle yet equally impactful. Individuals and group voices continue to find their platforms on social media. Young women are being raised with…  Read more

Women in Finance: Newsletter #5

Dana Telsey kicks off the new year offering career development advice, efinancialcareers gives resume tips, Boston Lady Traders Event, and a big congratulations to the women thought leaders at the STAC 90th Mid Winter Meeting. Read full newsletter >

Women in Finance: Newsletter No. 4

Companies with women on their boards have stronger performance, a new way of policing in Ukraine, and US Military opens combat roles to women . Boston Lady Traders Event, And a huge congratulations to the 2015 winners of the Women in Finance Markets Choice Awards and Traders Wall Street Women Awards. Read full newsletter >

Women in Finance: Newsletter No. 3

Reena Agrawal shares her career growth and mentor experiences, a fascinating account of the town Rojava, along the border of Syria, and a profile of Santander’s Ana Botin. Find out about upcoming finance networking events in New York. And a huge congratulations to Traders Magazine Wall Street Women Award’s 2015 finalists. Read full newsletter >