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Who Pays the SEC’s Bill on Crypto? (Hint: Not Crypto)

On Wednesday, Chairman Gary Gensler presented the SEC’s 2023 budget request before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government. The SEC’s proposed budget, which was made public in late March, includes nearly doubling its Crypto Assets and Cyber team, a unit of its Enforcement division. I think all would agree that growth in the crypto markets necessitates…  Read more

My Word is My Bond

By Jim Toes, STA Most companies and organizations have a motto – something that serves as a guiding principle for their members and employees while also providing a succinct description of their priorities and brand. For STA, it’s Dictum Meum Pactum, which is Latin for “My Word Is My Bond.” This honorable principle dates back…  Read more

Wall Street Bonuses; How Much Will You Save?

By Jim Toes, STA Bonuses and pay raises have been reported with great enthusiasm in the daily journals recently. Speculation forecasts increases of 25%, 50% and higher, and comparisons to the past high-water mark set a decade ago are being made. For those individuals who have lived through the cyclical nature of our business and…  Read more

In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Intelligence and Character

Today, we honor and remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A religious minister and activist, who rose to become a national leader in the Civil Rights Movement. Best known for marvelous oratory and using nonviolent civil disobedience as means to achieving a benevolent goal of racial equality, Reverend King was taken from us at the young…  Read more

Tribute to John Tognino

It was sometime in late 2010 when the two of us sat down for lunch. He was 25 years my senior, but his energy and sharpness of mind outstripped mine. “Jimmy, let me tell you something my friend, STA needs you. Our industry needs you in that seat. How can I help?” That was typical…  Read more